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Anointing and massaging the whole body with medicated oil, which is chosen according your constitution or the disease. The oil is lukewarm, so the ingredients of the oil are more easily to be absorbed by the skin. The long strokes are awakening the skin, heat is causing the opening off the pores and by doing the strokes, and the oil is being massaged into the skin and so into the body tissues.
• it enhances the age and reduces wrinkles
• it relieves tiredness and weakness
• it relieves Vata (air element) in the body
• it tones up the tissues and strengthens the body
• it induces sound sleep
• it improves the circulation


This is a relieving Ayurvedic foot massage. Pad is foot and Abhyanga means massage. After a footbath, this soothing foot massage relives tiredness, stress and tension in feet and legs and effects the whole body by massaging the pressure points.

Marma massage:

A full body massage with medicated lukewarm oil. This massage covers the Marmas, these are the 108 vital energy points and rejuvenate the body. First the massage is done with the therapist’s feet, followed by the hand. This massage relieves muscle pain, stress, arthritis, fatigue, promotes sound sleep, improves digestion and metabolism, blood circulation, body immunity and tones up the entire body.

Podhi Kizhi:

Warm medicated oil is applied all over the body. Then the body is massaged with herbal and herbs powders in bolus bags. It is stimulating massage, creating heat and is good for arthritis, paralysis, body pain, degenerative diseases and neuro-muscular diseases.

Ela Kizhi:

Warm oil is applied all over the body. Then the body is massaged fresh herbal leaves, rock salt, coconut gratings and seeds in bolus bags. Benefits are rejuvenation, slow down the aging process, effective against rheumatic arthritis, joint pain, and arthritis.



This is a dry herbal powder body massage and for better results a course of treatments is recommended. It helps melting away excess fat and promotes skin health and complexion, reduces wrinkles. Cures dryness of skin, itching, diseases caused by accumulation of waste products in the body due to improper functioning of the sweat glands. It is also effective for excess sweating, various skin diseases. It opens up the pores and so waste products can leave the body.


Pouring medicated oil (Tailadhara), medicated milk, (Khseeradhara) or medicated buttermilk (Takradhara) on the third-eye and the forehead continuously. This is one of the excellent therapies for the treatment of several diseases connected with the head, neck, eyes, ears, nose, throat, hair and diseases of the of nervous system, like nerve disorders.
It improves sound sleep, calms the mind, de-stresses the body and mind, stimulates the nerves, sense organs, and good for the skin texture and even nourishes the semen and blood. It is very rejuvenating and nourishing for the body. Takradhara is relieving hotness of the body; it is very cooling for the body and mind.


Kadi Vasti is a local treatment for the back, is good for any type of back pain and spinal disorders.
GreevaVasti is a local treatment for the neck, is good for any neck pain and arms / hand problems, like numbness.
Janu Vasti is a local treatment for the knees, useful for painful conditions of the knees, cracking sounds, swellings, stiffness, looseness etc.
Netra Vasti Eyes treatment, for as well healthy eyes as eye problems, to protect the eyes, and improves vision. Good for burning eyes, itching eyes, blurring, of vision, pain in the eyes, decreased secretion of eye fluid, inflammatory lesions of the eye, glaucoma, dry eyes etc.


Medicated oil is introduced in the nose, mainly used to relieve diseases of head, neck and shoulders. It eliminates the toxins out of the head. First the face is massaged, followed by fomentation or steam on the face, after this preparation, the oil is administered into the nostrils.
This treatment benefits the working of the sense organs and gives strength to the neck, and head, the voice gets clear and works against headache and sinusitis.


Herbal steam bath. Seated in a steam box, the head left out, steam is applied over the whole body. Sweating is promoted and so elimination of toxins, heaviness and stiffness of the body will be reduced.


Classical massage:

A total body massage. Various techniques are used: strokes, deep tissue kneading, wringing, finger, thumb, palm pressure and percussion. It is stress relieving, muscle toning, improves blood circulation, strengthens body tissue and improves skin texture and improves immune system.


Aroma oils / essential oils are used. Together we can sense the aromas and 1 oil or a blend of oils can be chosen. With his oil the body will be massaged. Every essential oil has its properties. Essential oils are the plants oils, being squeezed out from plant materials, like the flower petals, leaves, fruit and wood.

Lymphatic massage:
This massage is a very gentle massage, as the lymphatic vascular system is just under the skin surface. The strokes are repeated to eliminate / to drain the lymph towards the nearest lymph-nodes. Improves circulation and eliminates toxins.

Sports massage:

A deep tissue massage with the emphasis on specific needs.

Balinese massage:

A combination of strokes with the hands and fore arms, pressure points and gentle stretches stimulates the blood circulation, and energy flow around the body.


Body Scrub Wrap:
At first the skin is prepared by a body scrub, to activate the skin and to open the pores. A mixture of Sandalwood, Aloe Vera and ayurveda 14 herbs powder are grinded into a paste, with rose water and coconut water.
Now the skin is ready for a wrap. The substance is applied over the body and then the body is being covered. The skin can now absorb the ingredients of the wrap and the client is allowed to relax during this time.

We offer 4 wraps:

  • Detox and Firming (clay, rock salt, almond oil and lavender oil)
  • Cooling and Calming, after sunburn or skin rashes (smashed tender coconut or cucumber, with lavender oil)
  • Slimming and Detox (seaweed)
  • Joints and Muscle pain (clay, sesame oil, and rosemary oil)

Ayurvedic Herbal Facial:

Natural ingredients are used to boost the skin of the face and décolletage. The face is first to be cleansed, then to be scrubbed to get rid of the dead skin cells, followed by an Ayurveda face massage, the skin is totally activated and the blood circulation is improved. Then the skin is cleansed and a facial pack is applied. At the end a protection cream is applied. All products are natural and fresh prepared.

We offer 3 facial treatments:

  • Detox (clay base, almond oil and lavender oil)
  • Calming and Cooling for problem skin (sandalwood paste)
  • Revitalize, Moisturize, Anti -blemishes and Patches (fresh papaya)

Detox Foot Spa:
The feet contain around 5000-7000 sweat glands, making them a great exit point for elimination of toxins. During this treatment your feet will be placed in the foot spa with warm water, an array and a small amount of salt. The array is a small metal coil that emits a subtle electrically current. During the course of the treatment the subtle current stimulates the entire body, encouraging and increasing the release of toxic waste. You may even notice a small or even dramatic change in the color of the water, which is completely normal. The treatment is also beneficial as it clears blockages within the energy pathways of the body.

Manicure – Pedicure:
Hand and foot care, for the hands and feet who deserve to be treated. Feet soak and scrub, hand and feet massage and nail care.

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