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‘’I can do so much more’’ ‘’I know I have the potential’’ ‘’I can’t stay stuck here forever!’’. Have these thoughts crossed your mind lately? Ever feel like something inside you is holding you back? It’s very easy to direct our focus, intention and energy on having a healthy body, but we often stay away from caring for our emotional health. Stress, anxiety, childhood & past traumas, estranged relationships, grief – how do you cope? Well most of us simply brush them under the carpet and ‘try to move on’. Dealing with these emotions can be hard and painful, making us want to run away further, but often we don’t know how to heal, or believe we never can. The time to change that is now, find the freedom to just ‘’be’’. We believe that a healthy mind promotes a healthy body and so our self-healing journey is designed to help, support & guide you. Tailored to suit your unique problems our highly trained and experience Mind-Body-Energy counsellors work with you to overcome your problem and be free to live the life you want.

How You Benefit

  • Feel renewed at all levels
  • More happiness & health in your life
  • Boost immunity, better mood, reduced weight gain

Please Note:   You cannot do a Self healing Journey if you are Pregnant or if you are Pregnant or if you have Type 1 Diabetes. Also anyone with chronic or heavily medicated conditions may be asked…

Retreat Elements

  • Personal and medical assessment
  • Ayurveda doctors consultation
    and assessment
  • 3 chakra assessment
  • Daily self-healing therapy sessions (NLP/ Hypnotherapy/ EFT/ Metaphor
  • Personalized nutritionally balanced ayurvedic vegetarian Meals

What’s included?

  • All inclusive luxury accommodation
  • Daily morning & evening yoga session followed by guided meditation
  • Daily 01 wellness relaxing
    spa treatment
  • Daily educational talks/workshops

Who Should Retreat

  • Have high stress and emerging
    health issues
  • Feel stuck in any area of life
    (work, relationships, etc.)
  • Suffered emotional trauma, grief


  • Airport pick-up & drop
    (charges applicable)
  • Welcome drink
  • Welcome meal
    (depending on arrival time)
  • Packed snack for departure journey
  • Sanda retreats self-healing workbook
  • Personalised retreat diary
  • Library of books & DVD’s on
    health & wellness
  • Expert support & guidance


  • Pricing shown is for double occupancy stays (per guest)


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