The founder’s vision for the Beach House Goa’s Wellness Philosophy is based on achieving and creating a balance between all three body systems i.e. the Three Chakras of your body in order to attain a state of “Wellness”.
  • The Physiological system that fuels body processes.
  • The Physical system supports the organs and body.
  • The Psychological system that governs thoughts, desires, actions
    and emotions.
All Three Chakras are interconnected and complement one another. They determine that an individual’s state of health is fundamental to attain equilibrium, prevention of disease and promotion of health. So entwined and intimate is the relationship between the three realms of the body that if a problem develops in one, it can affect the working of the other two.

 Our aim is to approach “Your Wellness” whether for screening and diagnosing for the possible causes or prevention or treatment of your health problems, by integrating the most appropriate evidence based practices from both the Modern and the Ancient Sciences.

We believe best results are achieved by ensuring the three body systems, the Physical, the Physiological and the Psychological are all maintained in
a state of equilibrium or balance to allow your body’s own very powerful capabilities to do its work.
All our programs are “Tailor Made” taking into account your individual needs, beliefs, past experiences, preferences, environment and lifestyle.
Our endeavor is to empower you to take an active role in Your Wellness by providing you with the knowledge and confidence to manage your wellbeing.


Ayurvedic Doctors

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Yoga Instructors

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Spa Therapists

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Fitness Trainer

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Activity Coaches

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Operations Associates

The Operations team manage the day to day operations of the Beach House with an aim to ensure high quality customer service, guest satisfaction, proper use of resort resources/supplies and first class …

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