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The Total Body Rebalance Retreat is ideal for anyone who is stressed out emotionally and physically and needs to take a break from their day to day life and invest some time in them-selves. It is also suitable for anyone suffering from a wide range of health disorders including weight issues, high cholesterol, diabetes, PCOS, menstruation problems, cardio-vascular issues, skin problems and stress-related disorders. This program is a Juice and Broth Fasting cleanse that focuses on not just removing toxins from the body but replenishing with the necessary nutrients the body needs to repair and rejuvenate cells, tissues and organs, whilst providing you with the rest and relaxation needed to allow your body and mind to heal.

How You Benefit

  • A feeling of revitalization & complete rejuvenation
  • Heightened mental clarity, focus, concentration & memory
  • Increased knowledge of personal health & wellness
  • Your mind will be clearer
    and completely at ease!

Retreat Elements

  • Personal and medical assessment
  • Ayurveda doctors consultation
    and assessment
  • Personalized diet & nutrition consultation
  • 3 Chakras (physical, physiological and psychological) assessment
  • 1-1 Session of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) / Hypnotherapy
  • Personalized nutritionally balanced ayurvedic vegetarian meals

What’s included?

  • All inclusive luxury accommodation
  • Daily educational Talks/Workshops
  • Two daily yoga and relaxation session
  • Daily guided meditation session
  • Two daily holistic treatments
  • Daily course of natural & ayurvedic supplements
  • One daily sessions of colon cleansing

Who Should Retreat

  • Is experiencing specific health issues
  • Affected by city living (high stress, long working hours, pollution, late nights)
  • Experiencing emotional turmoil (irritability, anger, frustration, depression, and sadness)


  • Airport pick-up and delivery
    (charges are applicable)
  • Welcome drink
  • Welcome meal
    (depending on arrival time)
  • Packed snack for departure journey
  • Sanda retreats diabetes management retreat workbook
  • Personalised retreat diary
  • Library of books & DVD’s
    on health & wellness
  • Expert support & guidance


  • Pricing shown is for double occupancy stays (per guest).


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