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What exactly is snoring? Snoring is the result of vibrating tissues in the throat which causes disrupting sounds during sleep. Obstructed breathing during sleep may cause many problems for you and it could be keeping your partner up at night Many people believe that those who snore do not suffer as much as the person who has to endure it. That, however, is not true. Quality of sleep can be highly affected for the individual who snores as this puts the body under immense pressure in order to inhale an adequate supply of air and to expel stale air.
Many try to overcome this habit by resorting to several practices, however, are you aware that yoga exercises can actually help remedy snoring?

Yes, yes, it can. Many are already well acquainted with the fact that yoga is excellent for maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. However, the fact that yoga may have a helpful role in alleviating snoring seems to serve as a real perplexity to many – how does yoga accomplish that? Well, yoga has always laid emphasis on breathing; Pranayama and as such, can be an effective way to cure snoring.

Yoga for snoring is an effective way to find escape from snoring as it helps clear the breathing passage. Yoga exercises conducted to get rid of snoring habits involve specific postures, as well as Asanas which help in the removal of blocked passages. The most popular yoga posture particularly done to rid of snoring is called Simha Garjanasana (Roaring Lion Pose).

How to Perform the Roaring Lion Pose (Simhasana or Bhairavasana)


In order to conduct the Roaring Lion Pose you are required to sit on the floor in Vajrasana with your knees apart, just so that they are parallel to your shoulders. Place your palms on the floor between the spaces on both your knees. Make sure that your fingers are pointing towards the body and the base of the palm in the opposite direction. While sitting in this position, lean forward and gently tilt your head back. Gaze at the center of the eyebrow and slowly inhale. Then open your mouth and stick out your tongue. While exhaling, see to it that you make an ‘aaach’ type sound with your mouth wide open in order to resemble a lion’s roar. Relax, close your mouth, and breathe in. Repeat this 10 to 12 times.


Preliminary studies find singing may decrease snoring by improving muscle control of the soft palate and upper throat. A study from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute concluded that humming–or chanting “aum”–can help open the sinuses so air travels more freely. Try chanting a few times from a comfortable seated position and notice how it affects you.

Jala Neti


How to perform?

Put warm water into the jar and add a little salt in it. Tilt the neck and touch the tip of spout to one of the nostrils. Open the mouth and continue breathing through it. Gradually pour water into the nostril. Since the breathing is continued through the mouth, the water straightway goes through the food pipe into the throat to the stomach. Just as we drink water through the mouth, in the same way it can be drunk through the nose. When some water is drunk though one nostril, perform the process with the other one. This is process is not Neti, but when one is accustomed to drinking water through nose, then practicing Neti is easier.
Instead of swallowing water drunk through the nose, tilt the neck further and take it out through the other nostril. It is essential to find the pose of the neck here. When the pose is found, the rest of the process is easier. The water poured through one nostril can easily come out of the other. The breathing is naturally through the mouth at this time. Pour water into the left nostril and take it out of the right, then drink it by the right one and take it out of the left.

  • Cleans the nasal path. Improves respiratory tract.
  • Good for the health of ears, eyes and throat.
  • Gives a soothing effect on the brain.
  • Halitosis – bad breath, Nasal congestion, Nasal dryness
  • Sinusitis – inflammation of the sinuses (including chronic sinusitis)be used as per the need.

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