Beach Suites & Beach House

Beach Suites
Our chic and cozy two-level deluxe suites are specially designed for those who appreciate elegant luxury. Each suite, featuring a contemporary designed living room downstairs with a staircase leading up to a private bedroom on the upper level is perfect for romantic getaways and couples steering away from large families, loud children and partying youngsters.

The large glass windows bring the outdoors in while the classy furniture balances elegance with utility and comfort. Our 12” Nirvana mattress provides a supportive cocoon for a good night’s sleep that is essential to your total wellbeing, and the luxury of a rain shower in our spacious bathroom heightens your bathing experience. An unobtrusive personal butler at your service completes the idyllic picture! Our eco friendly approach by way of installation of solar heaters is an affirmation of our responsibility and commitment towards the environment.

Beach House

An oceanfront private mansion with three spacious bedrooms, a private study and an open plan living-and-dining room sets the scene for a perfect home-like retreat with heavenly decadence. Each bedroom is tastefully designed in vibrant colours with elegant furniture, contemporary soft furnishings, aesthetic and mood lighting. The intricate detail extends to the attached bathrooms, which reflect total luxury with rain showers and modern amenities. Sophistication flirts with spirit in the prize master bedroom that virtually smooches the horizon, with sweeping vistas of golden sand and crashing waves visible from all corners of the room.

The bungalow is equipped with all the home comforts that you would be looking for during the retreat. The well manicured lawns on the undulating frontage against the back drop of the azure Arabian Sea creates a magical setting for the ultimate waterfront experience, whether it’s a meal al fresco, a snooze in the hammock, a walk with your special someone, or just me-time that you are looking for. A relaxing massage under the thatched hut on the premises with the gentle breeze caressing your skin at this Nirvana -like retreat is like balm to the senses. Evenings promise fiery sunsets and healthy sundowners and a relaxing evening before you retire for a sound night’s sleep.

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