Water – the Elixir of Life Strengthens Immunity

Water is so very important for our health but at the same time can be easily forgotten too. What is your relationship with water?

The Corona virus infection and its spread has caused a huge anxiety and fear in the minds of all people around the world.  It has made us realise the importance of our immunity system which has been compromised in the modern age due to stress, unhealthy diet and lifestyle and so on.  Along with this, it has also given us time to thin and adopt various simple effective habits and techniques to strengthen and maintain our immunity thereby overall health and wellness.

Water is one of the most important elements of nature which mankind has been using and is dependent on for both external and internal cleansing.  Next to air, water is an element which all the living things on this Earth are dependent and it is a necessity for their livelihood.  Mankind from the beginning of civilization has been using water for various purposes including drinking and cooking.

Our human body is almost 60-70% of water.  Due to various environmental factors, the body tends to lose water constantly.  This needs to be replenished as soon as possible.  The body uses the water for various purposes like digestion, absorption, circulation, transportation of nutrients, creation of various juices and maintenance of body temperature.

What Are Benefits Of Drinking Water Regularly?

  1. Body fluids’ balance is maintained—As mentioned earlier, 60-70% of our body is made up of water and the body utilises the body fluids for various organ system functions. A Stanford University Professor says that “through the posterior pituitary gland, the brain communicates with the kidneys to tell it how much water to excrete as urine or how much to hold on to.  He also says that when the body is low on fluids, the brain triggers the body’s thirst mechanism which has to take care of with water, juice, milk etc anything except alcohol.
  2. Aids in weight loss—Intake of hight water contents helps in weight loss because they are more filling.  This help sin reducing the total calorie intake, thereby aiding weight loss.
  3. Water energizes Muscles—When cells don’t maintain their balance of fluids and electrolytes, muscle fatigue occurs.  It is very important to drink and replenish fluids in the body to maintain muscle strength and energy.
  4. Keeps the skin young—Skin the largest exposed organ holds lots of water and also prevents excess fluid loss.  Dehydration leads to dry wrinkled skin, so proper hydration is essential for smooth, soft skin.
  5. Aids in Detoxification—Body fluids help in transporting waste in and out of cells, in and out of the body.  The liver, kidneys, skin, colon and lungs all need adequate quantity of body fluids.

How Does Water Consumption Boost Immunity?

  1. Pumps Oxygen in the body—a simple drink of water helps carry oxygen throughout the body-to all organs, tissues and cells.
  2. Flushes out toxins and neutralises free radicals—water promotes adaptive immune response by flushing out toxins and neutralising free radicals.  Lemon squeezed water, turmeric infusion, spice tea etc help to boost the immunity boosting property of water.
  3. Promotes good sleep and rest to the body—Regular water consumption triggers the brain to produce melatonin and other sleep-inducing chemicals which results in good quality sleep, relaxation and fully recharged body.
  4. Increases lymphatic fluid circulation—Lymph fluid flows throughout the body, collects waste and bacteria etc, takes it to the lymph nodes where lymphocytes destroy them.  Regular and adequate quantity of water consumptions ensures that lymph circulation is proper and regular.
  5. Cleanses our senses—Regular water consumption ensures that our skin eyes and rest of the senses are cleansed regularly from the environmental toxins.

What Is Best Kind Of Water To Drink?
Ayurveda advises that everybody should have either hot water or boiled and cooled water.  It is supposed to be light in quality and balances all Tridoshas (three humors).  Let us know what other benefits are there when having warm/hot water:

  1. It helps decongest and relieve any blockages in the various sinuses of the face and neck.
  2. It helps sooth and activate the digestive tract.  It also helps the various digestive organs and also eliminate waste effectively.  It also relieves constipation and aids in regular bowel movements.
  3. Regular use of hot water clams the nervous system, lubricates the body, improves circulation and decreases stress levels.
  4. By improving circulation hot water helps remove accumulated toxins, fats from the body thus aiding weight loss and detoxification.
  5. Last but not the least warm water keeps the body fully hydrated and quenches thirst much better than normal or cold water.

Some Simple Tips To Increase Water Intake

  1. Sip water throughout the day.
  2. Make a habit to drink water after every bathroom break.
  3. Infuse your bottle of water with fresh herbs or spices or fruits.
  4. Always dilute your alcohol with water instead of soda or soft drinks.
  5. Consume water-rich fruits and vegetables regularly.

In these present times, when the highly social interactive world has been locked down in individual houses or rooms, we need to make sure that we take care of ourselves and our families on regular basis with simple resources and techniques.  Changing some of the regular boring repetitive activities into fun filled regimes, can help maintain and boost the immunity, health and wellness of self and people around.

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