Boost Your Immunity Daily: Why & How

Pay attention to your immune system now and see your body rise in health. Ward off all the new infections & viruses making their way into our body.

Are you on high alert every time there is an infection going around at work or home, do you immediately take preventive measures to avoid falling ill? Ever wonder why some people get sick while others do not seem to be affected at all, even though they are in the same infected environment. If you observe closely the ones getting sick will also be the first ones to pick up an infection or catch the flu going around. Why is this? What differs in these individuals is the strength of the body’s immune system. Your body’s first line of defense against the enemy (viruses, pathogens, parasites) is the body’s immunity, with its prime focus being to scavenge and kill off the bad guys that enter and pose a threat to your body. When your defense system is down that’s when you come under attack and fall prey to the enemy.

In today’s world our lifestyles are a major contributor to keeping us healthy or making us prone to disease and illness. Yes, our immune system is heavily impacted with what is going on in our lives. The food we eat, how active we are, our stress levels and emotional state of mind which most of us maybe be aware of already. But, have you considered that sluggish digestion, lack of sleep, not enough sunlight can also hamper your immunity?

So, the bottom line to staying healthy is to have a strong well supported immune system. Now this can be easily achieved but needs you to be committed to your health, which is essential if you want to ward off disease causing pathogens.

While there are the obvious ways i.e. reduce stress, improve lifestyle, avoid toxins and bad habits which positively support and boost immunity. A major focus area is the Gut which is the heart of your immune system. It is here that the body recognizes the good from the bad guys and so a healthy digestive system protects us from getting sick, developing allergies and intolerances.

Let’s focus now on a few key areas that will have a major impact on healing, building and strengthening your immunity:

  • Care For Your Gut: Forming your body’s first defense force, probiotics are essential as they kill off any pathogens entering the GI tract. But these friendly micro-organisms are highly sensitive and can be killed off by antibiotics, an acidic body, high stress levels etc. It is therefore critical to pay attention to whether or not you are getting probiotics in your meals, if not you could take a good probiotic supplement to keep infections away.
  • Enjoy Wholesome Foods: Be sure to include an array of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, lean meat, fish, herbs & spices. Packed with a punch of essential vitamins, minerals, and essential oils that are integral in supporting and boosting immunity through their antioxidant properties. Avoid all simple carbs high in sugar as they hamper the functioning of immune cells. Keep your alcohol intake in check and avoid all fizzy beverages.
  • Bask In The Sunshine: Your immune cells are positively impacted by Vitamin D which in turn helps in making our antibodies. We all know that the sun helps the body synthesize Vitamin D, so step out into the sunshine for some time daily – talk a walk, play an outdoor sport, start your our vegetable garden, or just sit outside while on your break at work. And when the sun isn’t shinning do take a good vitamin D supplement.
  • Sound Sleep: Having a restful sound sleep every night can do wonders not only in keeping you fresh, energetic and productive but also great at keeping you healthy. A disturbance in our sleep cycle is known to decrease and weaken our immune response making you a target for illness and disease. If you have difficulty in sleeping, you will want to start changing this habit right away.
    Manage Stress: Yet another reason for you to beat stress daily. It’s been shown that chronic stress over a period of time can suppress immunity and lower our resistance and ability to fight infections. What are you doing to manage your stress and negate the effects of stress on your body and mind? Well there are plenty of options out there – yoga, meditation, hitting the gym, walking, running, indulging in productive hobbies, catching up with family, friends, enjoying a good laugh, whatever suits you choose your tool and practice it daily.

Our focus on boosting our immunity shouldn’t be short term and because there is an eminent threat, you want to do it for the long run. Stay healthy and age gracefully with your immune system supported, strengthened and boosted every day.

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