The Amazing Effects of Positive Thinking



“A day without laughter or a day without love is a day without life” Julian. After much thought into starting this article I stumbled upon this quote from the book, ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’. A must read for all those who feel stuck at a place where they feel there is no more to life than what it is right now.

All science starts with a thought which leads to hypothesis which leads to action. So a thought is a powerful tool which makes war and peace in the world. Only if Hitler was encouraged to cultivate his passion for fine art maybe the events which followed during his era would have been different.

People are more disposed to help us, if we are positive, and they dislike and avoid anyone broadcasting negativity. Positive thinking just means that you approach unpleasantness in a more positive and productive way.

A person becomes who he thinks he is and thus optimistic people form more successful and fulfilling relationships.

People who live life with positive thinking are less susceptible to getting any disease. Thinking positive and radiating the same positive attitude with a smile brings in good mental health as smiling releases a chemical produced by our brain called serotonin which make one feel happy. Other health benefits of positive thinking are:

  • Increased life span
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Greater resistance to the common cold(a study done by Mayo Clinic)
  • Better psychological and physical well-being
  • Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

Few Simple Everyday Tips to Cultivating Positive Thinking:

  • Start your day with listening to music/breathing exercises/ positive affirmations/walking in the garden/open space.
  • Start appreciating the little things in life.
  • Think before you say anything, keep it positive.
  • Analyse your actions if they have made you upset and understand how you could have reacted in a better way.
  • If you find yourself thinking in a negative way realize and change the thought pattern to be more constructive. Breath.


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