Boost Your Chances of Conception

What can you do to prepare for pregnancy? Detox from a toxic lifestyle & nourish your body today – follow these simple steps to get started.

It is common among couples today to decide on a late pregnancy, with focus in early years on career, travel and saving to support a family. But this also means that the body needs more care and support if a woman is to conceive late in life.

Preparing for pregnancy is often suggested for both partners to cleanse and detoxify from their toxic lifestyle. Conceiving in today’s world has shown to be considerably tough on a lot of couples with the influx of toxins into the body from various sources and stress all around. Supporting a healthy body through diet, exercise and a positive mind can greatly increase one’s chance at getting pregnant without medical intervention.

Today there are a number of fertility enhancement detox health retreat centres that prepare couples both physically and emotionally to conceive and support a healthy pregnancy. While the retreats take great care in cleansing, nourishing and rebalancing your body when you are there, you can make the retreat more effective by starting to detoxify even before you begin the program.

Here are few things you can start doing to detox and prepare for pregnancy before and after you go on a detox:

  • Detoxify your environment: Start by clearing out all the cleaning products, make-up and any other chemicals you have in your home and possibly at work too. Look through list of ingredients on these products and you will be shocked at the number of strong chemicals they contain. We generously use these to clean our homes and apply them onto our skin, which get quickly absorbed and circulate in the body. Source natural cleaning and skin care products.
  • Detoxify your food cabinets: Next it is time to clear out any processed foods: packets of crisps, chips, noodles, biscuits, store bought ready to eat meals, cereals, chocolates, processed cheese and meats and any other packaged foods. Stock up on natural foods, where the only ingredients are foods you know and can identify. Include loads of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, beans, sprouts and lean organic meats and eggs, fish etc. For oils choose only virgin or cold pressed oils and throw away any refined vegetable oils. Choose real butter over margarine and butter substitutes.
  • Tidy up your beverage intake: Avoid or limit your intake of caffeine alcohol. Stay away from carbonated beverages, cordials, packaged fruit juices and artificially flavoured waters. Instead have fresh fruit/ vegetable juices, smoothies, herbal teas, etc.
  • Detoxify your emotions: Work on releasing past emotions that maybe playing on your mind. De-stress daily by simply doing the things you love. Reconnect with a hobby, exercise, laugh, spend time with loved ones. Surround yourself with good positive things.

Last and most importantly rest and sleep well. Feel the shift in your body’s health.

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