Unveiling the truth about Juice Detox: Your burning questions, answered.

If you are considering a detox retreat, I’m sure you would want to do your research and choose a program that will offer you the support you need to make lasting changes. A detox retreat is an excellent way to jump-start a healthier lifestyle. Benefits: You’ll leave feeling lighter, happier, and armed with the knowledge to start your new journey to health.

We’ve listed some of the frequently asked questions to help you make up your mind and feel comfortable choosing to retreat with us here at The Beach House – Goa.

1. How long should a juice detox typically last?

Expert Advice: For best results, we recommend a 7-night retreat, however even a 5-day program yields good results. The duration of a juice detox can vary depending on individual goals and health conditions. After an initial consultation with our wellness experts, you will be guided to the best program and advised on the duration needed to achieve the best results.  As a general guideline, a juice detox can range from a few days to a couple of weeks. It’s important to listen to your body when doing any form of detoxification and to have a team of professionals caring for you. Being taken care of during detox is important to its success.

2. Is it for me?

Expert Advice: Our detox retreat is ideal for anyone who wants to spend time away focusing on their own health and well-being. Providing your body with all the ingredients needed to self-heal and regain control of your health. Benefitting from the expertise of some of the best practitioners and teachers of holistic therapies you will be empowered with the knowledge and expertise to manage your wellbeing. It’s tailored to you because so much of your holiday is conducted on a one-to-one basis. The team will meet with you at the beginning of the week to discuss all aspects of your health, to ensure maximum benefits for you. By the end of the week, we will have developed with you everything you need to continue the good work at home!

3. Are there any potential side effects of juice detox?

Expert Advice: While a juice detox retreat can offer numerous benefits, it’s essential to be aware of potential side effects. Some individuals may experience temporary symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, or changes in bowel movements as the body adjusts to the detoxification process. Here are some common symptoms and how to best combat them.

Bloating Some people may experience bloating at first when they take the Psyllium husks. This is because the Psylliumfibre stirs up old waste deposits in the bowel for elimination. Keep taking the Psyllium husks and drink more water. Any bloating will pass as the body releases old waste matter, but it may take a couple of days.
Fatigue Your body is using its energy to support the detox process. Try not to do anything which makes energy demands on your body – keep exercise light and rest as much as possible.  Drink plenty of water.
Headaches or nausea Toxins which have been stored in cells are being released into the bloodstream. Keep drinking lots of water and stick to the detox programme in order to help your body get rid of the toxins.
Mood swings / low mood As the body detoxes on the physical level, it also releases ‘toxic’ emotions. Your mood can change throughout the detox and negative feelings will pass quickly as they are released. Acknowledge your feelings and know that they are coming to the surface for elimination and will pass. It can help to keep a journal during your detox and note down thoughts and feelings.
Skin rash This shows that the body is eliminating toxins since the skin is an important organ for elimination. Stick to organic skincare products that will not irritate the skin and use the skin brush only very gently.

4. What are some recommended juice recipes for a detox?

Expert Advice: the best juices are a combination of fruit and vegetables that are naturally loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other vital nutrients. On a detox retreat, the juices serve to provide all the essential nutrients the body needs for healing in a very easily absorbable form. Thereby minimizing the work of the digestive system, so that the body can utilise the energy for other purposes e.g. detoxification, repair of damaged tissues, and bringing the 3 systems back into balance.

We primarily focus on juices that are alkalizing, anti-inflammatory, and highly nutritious. Some popular ingredients include apples, pears, melon, citrus fruits, carrots, beetroots, and hydrating ingredients like cucumber, lauki, or watermelon.

5. Why do I need to take supplements?

Expert Advice: The supplements we use during the detox program have been specifically worked out to completely support your body in the cleansing process.  Some help to dissolve and eliminate old matter in the colon, whilst others support the liver and other organs in the detoxification process.

6. What level(s) of yoga do you cater for?

Expert Advice: Yoga plays an important role in all our retreats and our friendly, expert teachers will provide individual attention to all guests. Before the holiday you will be asked to complete a health and fitness form, which includes a question regarding your level of yoga experience, this will enable our teacher to prepare a set of classes most suitable for the standards of the group that week. Classes cater for all levels – from the nervous novice discovering yoga for the first time, to the more experienced. You will find that your flexibility and strength make dramatic progress during the week, whatever your level at the beginning.

7. Do I have to take part in everything?

Expert Advice: The retreats are designed to provide maximum health and fitness benefits for all guests, so if you take part in all the classes, and talks, you will get the best overall results. But you do not have to take part in everything. After all, it’s your retreat. However, there is also plenty of quiet time when you can just relax by the pool, in your room, by the beach, or have a relaxing massage.

8. What if I have special dietary requirements?

Expert Advice: The health and fitness profile form, which you’ll complete before the holiday will provide you with the opportunity to tell us about any special dietary requirements that you have – be it vegetarian, vegan, or other requirements/allergies. We cater to everyone. Our nutritionists work closely with our chefs to devise a menu suitable for all guests and that can be tailored to meet all needs, and in addition, they work together to ensure the finest local ingredients are sourced for the fabulous tailor-made cuisine.

9. Will I lose weight?

Expert Advice: If weight loss is your main aim and you participate fully during the week, then weight loss and improved muscle tone will be one of the many benefits that you will notice. A wonderful amount of outdoor exercise combined with the carefully planned, nutritious detoxifying menu will inevitably lead to some weight loss, and guests who have monitored their intake and worked hard during the week have lost anything up to 5-7lbs, some even more! There are obviously guests for whom weight loss is not the main focus, and if this is the case, then our team works with them to focus on their own goals – be it elevated aerobic fitness, or improved muscle tone or flexibility.!

10. Can I smoke?

Expert Advice: We encourage you not to smoke during the detox program and ideally give up before coming!  As with alcohol, smoking is contrary to the detox process.

11. What should I pack?

Expert Advice: The weather is generally warm and dry. The evenings are generally warm too, but we recommend bringing something for the occasional cooler and wet exception. Dress is casual and informal for all meals. Whatever you feel comfortable in. With the sea a stone’s throw away be sure to bring what you need. Towels are, of course, provided. For yoga, and personal training sessions you will need comfortable, flexible clothing such as a T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms or any other exercise gear you are happy with. Of course, you’ll also need training shoes. We also strongly recommend a hat or cap and a small backpack for water, cameras, personal items etc. The sun can get pretty hot at times, so most people hike in shorts and T-shirts (with appropriate sun cream, of course) but you may like to bring light long sleeve shirts and light trousers if you don’t want to expose too much skin. We will also give you a full checklist of what to bring when you make your reservation, so you don’t forget anything important!

12. What will my week’s schedule look like?

Expert Advice: When you arrive at any The Beach House – Goa we will provide you with your personal schedule for the week, which will include all of your massages and one-to-one sessions with the team. As soon as we have received all of the health and fitness forms from the guests before each retreat, our team works together to build the perfect schedule to best suit you.

13. Travelling alone?

Expert Advice: Many of our guests travel alone, and are looked after by our team of experts from the moment they arrive at the airport till we all say goodbye. The team is on hand to look after guests throughout the holiday and will make sure everyone feels at home and relaxed at all times. We have found that our Retreats attract a like-minded fun and friendly set of people, with firm friendships built during the week.

14. How do I keep in touch with home/the office?

Expert Advice: If you can’t let your mind be fully immersed in your retreat because of unavoidable pressures back home or in the office, don’t worry. The Beach House – Goa has reasonable mobile phone reception and Internet access. However, for your sake, we’d advise you to leave as many stresses back home as you can – this is a unique chance for a wonderfully selfish week, and we want you to spend as much of the time as you can focus on yourself and your own well-being, enjoying maximum time for reflection and relaxation.

15. Do I need to take any vaccinations before I travel to India?

Expert Advice: We advise you to consult with your GP for recommended vaccinations and precautions to be taken during your travel to India. Although most guests are recommended to take anti-malaria pills most choose not to because of the unpleasant side-effects.

 16. What do I need to do to get my Indian Visa?

Expert Advice: Kindly be informed that you would need a valid Tourist Visa to enter India. For details best contact the Indian Embassy in your country of residence, please. Normally, the process takes about 3 – 5 working days. Citizens of certain nationalities can also apply online for an Indian tourist e-visa. Visit   for more details.

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