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TreatmentS WE OFFER

Our retreats pamper you with a daily massage to completely unwind and relax on your wellness holiday. The massages performed by experienced therapists using essential aromatic oils or medicinal Ayurvedic oils depending on the treatment you are having. The retreat provides therapeutic and relaxing massages to cater to individual needs. Our doctors are at hand should you like to discuss and plan your massages.

Ayurveda Therapies

Anointing and massaging the whole body with medicated oil, which is chosen according your constitution or the disease. The oil is lukewarm, so the ingredients of the oil are more easily to be absorbed by the skin. The long strokes…

International Spa Therapies

A total body massage. Various techniques are used: strokes, deep tissue kneading, wringing, finger, thumb, palm pressure and percussion. It is stress relieving, muscle…

Beauty & Pampering Treatments

Offering specialized beauty treatments to nourish, rejuvenate and pamper you. See your skin come alive with luster and shine. Relive stress, remove dead skin and keep your complexion glowing.

Weight Loss Therapies

Ayurveda prescribes specific treatments using a unique blend of powders made from natural herbs, medicinal spices and minerals designed to stimulate metabolic processes. The active components of the powder aim to purify and activate metabolism of the skin, circulatory disorder, cellulite, fluid retention, obesity, etc.

Pain Relief Therapies

Ayurveda prescribes a number of specialized treatments using various natural herbs, medicated oils and powders which focus primarily on reducing inflammation and pain. The treatments are prescribed after consultation with our doctors and tailored to your needs.

Premium Spa Therapies

Indulge in incredible treatments for complete body care. Designed to specifically enhance cleansing and nourishment of the body. Some of the treatments include Wine Vintage Therapy, Goan Cashew Ecstasy, Indigenous Ayurvedic Ritual, Hot Stone Massage, Rhassoul Hair Spa, etc.

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