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International Academy of Yoga & Therapeutic Sciences is a part of Sanda Retreats, a pioneer in the wellness industry, providing wellness services through various activities like wellness and detox, professional Yoga Training & Ayurveda School & Spa Academy. Modern day living and our fast paced lifestyle has given rise to a number of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, poor digestion, lethargy etc. which has led to an increase in our spend on healthcare.

With a mission to uphold the principles of Ayurveda & Yoga to propagate Health & Wellness worldwide IAYTS proudly presents it’s Ayurveda school & Yoga Vimoksha teacher training school providing specialized courses. The ancient science of Ayurveda & Yoga provides a unique opportunity for everyone to learn and create a lifestyle for optimum wellness, helping you lead a healthy and happy life thereby reducing healthcare costs.

Our Schools are accredited by BSS – the premium Indian National Development Agency, IPHM – UK, a corporate member of NAMA – USA, Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, Yoga Alliance International, associate member of Yoga Australia.

The team of Ayurvedic doctors & therapists & Yoga Instructors at IAYTS are chosen for their expertise, passion for teaching and dedication to the healing arts.

Ayurveda Counsellor

Providing you an introduction
into Ayurveda
Principles & history.

Senior Ayurveda
Counsellor Course

Takes you deeper into applying Ayurveda principles into your diet, daily regimen and lifestyle.


Ayurveda Practitioner

Begin advocating Ayurveda Lifestyle through – dosha balancing, nutrition principles, herbal remedies treatment therapies.

Ayurveda Nutrition &
Cooking Course

Learn to apply Ayurveda food & nutrition principles to balance your dosha’s and regain healthy & vitality.

Certificate Course in
Ayurveda Therapy

Learn the art and science of “Ayurveda”, one of the oldest medicine systems.

Ayurveda Beauty, Skin &
Body Care Course

Uncover the secrets to beauty in Ayurveda. See your skin transform now.

Ayurvedic Massage &
Treatment Course

Learn to apply Ayurveda food & nutrition principles to balance your dosha’s and regain healthy vitality.

Certified Tantra Practitioner
Training Course

Learn the art and science
of “Ayurveda”, one of
the oldest
medicine systems.

Certificate Course in

Vision therapy, also known as visual training, is a set of techniques aimed at correcting and improving visual problems.

200hrs Multistyle YTTC (Option 1)

Receive a Yoga Alliance USA or Yoga Alliance Professionals UK RYT 200-Hour Teacher-Training Certificate from Yoga Vimoksha.

200hrs Multistyle YTTC (Option 2)

The 200 hours Multistyle Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses in India offered by Vimoksha Yoga School is suited for anyone who has a passion for Yoga.

300hrs Multistyle YTTC

Our 300-hour Ashtanga Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training course is an intense program designed to deepen your already existing knowledge and foundations of yoga.

Pre Natal YTTC

Yoga for pregnancy is a gentle way of keeping toned and fit during pregnancy. Yoga exercises help to strengthen and stretch the muscles.

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