Parenthood is just a few baby-steps away

Preparing for conception is an extremely exciting time but it can be filled with anxiety and disappointment if you don’t get the results. Over the past couple of decades, there has been a significant rise in the number of couples experiencing fertility problems.

Infertility, that is not due to any serious medical condition, is the kind that most positively responds to a blend of holistic treatment, which centers on the concept of balance. Achieving and maintaining balance is the goal here. When we are in balance, our bodies and minds function optimally. A holistic approach is all about helping restore the body to balance so that it works the way in which it was intended, which means fertility and conception is possible for any woman who hasn’t reached menopause.

The type of treatment you receive depends on what may be causing the infertility.

Most people prefer to try a natural approach to fertility instead of uncomfortable and expensive procedures. If you’re trying to conceive, it’s important to take time to prepare your body for it. You must play an active role in creating a healthy body that will carry a new life.

At our Fertility Enhancement Retreat in The Beach House Goa, we aim to help prepare you for the journey ahead giving you the building blocks for fertility, healthy pregnancy, and optimum foetal development. When you choose the program, it will get you physically, mentally, and fertile-fit. It will typically involve the following:

Diet: Usually juices or light meals are served in limited portions and at regular intervals. Eating cleanly is considered one of the best natural fertility boosters. To help you improve your chances of conceiving, there’s a specific fertility diet or fertility cleansing regimen that you can follow.

Spa Treatments: To relax tension in the body and for therapeutic benefits.

Yoga: With invigorating pranayama and asanas, it boosts and stimulates the body’s functioning. A 2013 study, published in the ‘International Journal of Yoga’, showed that incorporating yoga into daily life helps lower stress and anxiety, regulate body function, and support sperm production. Yoga can improve male reproductive health and may help prevent infertility.

Wellness consultations: Holistic experts to discuss health concerns and get advice on holistic natural solutions to continue implementing for improved fertility and chances of conception.

Parenthood is just a few baby-steps away for those who have completed the program and are committed to keeping themselves healthy for fertility. Take for instance Sanal and Sybee Thomas, a young Mumbaikar couple in their 30s. “My wife and I were hoping to start a family for several years but we weren’t blessed with a baby,” says Sanal. “Then we came to know about The Beach House Goa and their Fertility Enhancement Program. We planned to join the program at The Beach House Residential Retreat in August for eight days and approached the consultants over the phone to share with them the issue that we were grappling with.”

Getting an idea of their health status was the next step. “They mailed us a medical questionnaire that my wife and I filled and sent back,” Sanal continues. “This was essential to plan our treatment before we could reach The Beach House.”

Their arrival at The Beach House filled them with delight. “We arrived and were absolutely amazed to see the property. It was beautiful, clean, comfortable and, in front of us, was the soothing expanse of the pristine beach,” says Sanal.

The doctors had chosen the Fertility Enhancement Program for them. Their entire diet was planned according to their body types defined by Ayurveda. As a part of the program, they had to begin with a detox. “Initially, it was a bit difficult for us to only have juices for about two days but, gradually, we felt very light, relaxed, and rejuvenated,” Sanal recalls. “The doctors and all the other staff were very supportive and available to us anytime we needed them.”

Sanal and Sybee successfully completed the program with juices, broths, and spa treatments, daily beachside yoga sessions, and health advice and guidance by the wellness experts at the retreat. The experts also recommended certain foods and lifestyle changes that would help the couple keep their fertility high after completing the program.

“And then my wife conceived in September!” Sanal says, joyfully. “It was an absolutely wonderful feeling. This retreat program worked as a real miracle for us. We’re thankful for the Fertility Enhancement Program at The Beach House Goa. This, in our opinion, is the only retreat facility in India, or Asia, that offers such a great mix of retreat programs and gives hope and success to many people like us.”

We’re so happy for Sanal and Sybee and many more couples like them who have benefitted from the Fertility Enhancement Retreat! Here’s a quick recap of what the program is all about…


Benefits of the retreat:

– Improves circulation to reproductive organs and promotes uterine health

– Clears the body of excess toxins and balances hormones

– Boosts fertility in both men and women

– Prepares the body and mind for conception.


Who should retreat:

– Anyone having difficulty conceiving or undergoing fertility treatments

– Those under extreme stress affecting fertility

– Those preparing the body and mind for conception

– Those suffering from PCOS, Dysmenorrhoea, PMT, Endometriosis

– Those suffering from premature ejaculation, low sperm count, unhealthy sperm.


Retreat program includes:

– Personal and medical assessment

– Ayurveda doctor’s consultation and assessment

– Nutrition consultation, diet, and lifestyle counselling

– 3-Chakra assessment

– NLP/Hypnotherapy session

– Transformation meditation sessions

– Hormonal Yoga sessions

– Pranic healing sessions.

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