Are you looking for a balanced diet or optimum nutrition but don’t know where to start because there is too much information out there and you’re not sure? You’re right, food isn’t a set of “one size fits all” rules. Your needs are completely unique and depend on factors such as your lifestyle and environment as well as genetics. You may be a vegetarian, your religion or culture may ban certain foods, you may simply dislike the taste of certain food and you may hate cooking! So the aim of this consultation is to simply educate, guide and provide practical advice on food and how it affects your body, to help you make informed food choices.

General Nutrition Consultation

We believe that food is not a one size fits all, but is based on individual needs, likes, dislikes, health conditions, lifestyle, digestive power and many more. Our online consultations will focus on getting the right food onto your plate.

Intermittent Fasting Done Right Consultation

Intermittent fasting has created waves for a good reason. Whether you’re considering it, have tried it or failed, we will review your diet and guide you at any stage.

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