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Juice Detox
Retreat Program



With our bodies workout by the challenges of our day to day living, we all need a little kick starter once in a while.

Keeping this in mind our highly trained team of Ayurveda Doctors, Nutritionists, Yoga Instructors and Hypnotherapists we @ Sanda Retreats have designed an intense detox program to clean out any stored toxins, give your digestive system a rest, reboot your immune system and leave you refreshed both body and mind. To prepare your body for maximum benefit, we send you an easy to follow pre-cleanse pack, gain insight into your health – physical, physiological and psychological.

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Retreat Elements

  • 1-1 consultations – providing you personalized & customized therapy
  • Cold pressed juices – made from the finest ingredients
  • Colon cleansing – cleaning out our internal garbage
    Spa treatments – for relaxation and detoxification
  • Yoga – promoting the flow of vital energy
  • Relaxation – to reconnect and discover you

What’s Included

  • All-inclusive luxury accommodation
  • Daily educational talks, presentations, workshops and informal group sessions
  • Daily yoga and relaxation session or workshop
  • Daily guided meditation session or workshop
  • Daily holistic treatments from across the globe

Who Should Retreat

  • Suffering from respiratory problems
  • Looking for healthy and better lifestyle
  • Seeking energy in body
  • Overcome Depression and Anxiety
  • Wants to Gain Weight
  • Wants to cure Headaches or Migraine issue
  • Looking for a better Digestive system

How You benefit

  • Increased energy, vitality and stamina
  • Weight loss, Fat loss and Inch loss
  • Improved Digestive functions
  • Greater sense of Peace and Calmness
  • Increased Knowledge of personal health and mental health


  • Airport Pick-Up and Delivery (charges are applicable)
  • Welcome drink
  • Welcome meal (breakfast/lunch or dinner depending on arrival time)
  • Packed snack for departure journey

Visa & Ticket Asistance​

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48 Hrs Visa Process Guide.

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5 Nights

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5 Nights

Single | AED 3,090
Couple​ | AED 3,090

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5 Nights

AED 2,450

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7 Nights

AED 4,390

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7 Nights

AED 3,480


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