One of the most buzzing diets around – intermittent fasting has created waves and for good reason. But there is more to it and how you go about finding the right balance for you. In this consultation we assess your current dietary intake, assess your goals and help you identify the best plan with meal ideas and recipes to get you started. It is essential while on any fast to get a balance of nutrients by choosing the right foods, stay hydrated, keep alkaline etc.

Whether you’re considering IF, have tried it but failed and willing to give it another go or have been practicing and want to review your diet we will be able to assist and guide you at any all stages.

What’s Included

  • Detailed Food Recall – Weekday & Weekends
  • Medical History, Medications & Supplements Recall
  • Discussion on Aims & Goals of the Diet
  • Suggestion on Practical Ways to Eat Well
  • Balanced Diet & Hydration
  • Maintaining an alkaline meal plan
  • Digestive Wellness

Who is it for?

  • Anyone looking to gain deeper insight into nutrition
  • Wants to break unhealthy eating patterns
  • Wants to lose weight or has reached a plateau
  • Is under a lot of stress & has been gaining weight

How you benefit:

  • In depth understanding of nutrition
  • Easy & practical ways to get into IF plan
  • How to make it work for you
  • Weight loss over a period of time

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