Digestive disorders are a common occurrence that affect a lot of people in today’s age and time. Have you been experiencing bloating, flatulence, stomach pain, heart burn, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue after a meal or through the day? It is common for us to ignore the minor discomforts and only seek help when things escalate.

The digestive system nourishes the body with essential nutrients that we need, and a compromised system only means a weakened immunity and poor health over a period of time. Mainstream drugs and medications only work topically and soon lose effect; your best option is to look for natural solutions with long term effect - Ayurveda. When looking into digestive disorders Ayurveda provides simple solutions by focusing not only on what you eat but also how and when we eat, your dosha and the strength of your digestive fire. Get personalized advice to support and nourish your digestion for a strong and healthy body.

What’s Included

  • Body Type identification
  • Body Type imbalances identification
  • Address Health concerns 
  • Personalized Diet & Lifestyle recommendations
  • Personalized Dosha Food Chart according to your needs
  • Introductory Meal Plan with Recipes

Who is it for?

  • Anyone suffering from IBS
  • Have constant bloating & flatulence
  • Always feels tired after a meal
  • Experiencing pain & discomfort in the stomach
  • Acid reflux, inflammation & infections
  • Looking for alternative natural therapies

How you benefit:

  • Understand the root cause of your digestive problems
  • Learn about your body type and digestive strength
  • Discover natural & practical Ayurveda digestive cures
  • Start using herbs & spices to promote digestion
  • Strengthen your body’s immunity & overall health
  • Take back control of your life & health

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