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Ayurveda the science of life helps to improve health and focuses on prevention of diseases. It explains that body is made up of 5 Basic Elements i.e. Space, Air Fire, Water and Earth which in unique combination forms Tridoshas (Body Constitution). Body Constitution express special characters of Physical, Physiological and Psychological make up and according to that Ayurveda provides unique medicinal herbs, massage therapies and techniques to enhance beauty.

Curriculum : Theory & Practical

  • Concept of beauty in ayurveda
  • Introduction to ayurveda, tridoshas
    & panchmahabhutas theory
  • Concept of body constitution (Prakriti)
  • Scalp & hair care treatments
  • Face care treatments
  • Eye care treatments
  • Hand & foot care treatments
  • Body treatments
  • Ayurvedic body moisturising treatments
  • Kitchen cosmetics & medicine
    for beauty care
  • Ayurvedic regime for beauty care

Daily Schedule

    8:00 -9:00: Yoga class
    9:30-10:30: Breakfast
   11:00-12:30: Theory class
   13:00-14:00: Lunch
   14:30-17:30: Practical class

This course is intended for

  • Small group of travellers interested
    in expanding their knowledge
  • Wellness enthusiasts
  • Yoga experts, physiotherapists
  • Nutritionists, dieticians
  • Spa & hospitality professionals
  • Physicians interested in alternative
    medicine system

Terms & Conditions

  • The course is NON-RESIDENTIAL
    Course-pricing includes only course materials and certificate
  • Theory classes are conducted
    by expert ayurvedic doctors
  • Practical sessions are conducted
    by senior ayurvedic trainers and ayurvedic doctors
  • After successful completion, certificates are issued by IAYTS
  • Photography and videography is not permitted during practical and
    training sessions


  • Pricing shown is for double occupancy stays (per guest)

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