Do you feel the pressure of modern day living, then how much more does your body feel it? Get natural cures that are holistic and practical, low cost yet effective. See your health transform.

Placing emphasis on prevention and preservation of health Ayurveda focuses on bringing balance into the body systems – physical, physiological & psychological. Just like you have a unique fingerprint, you also have your own individual Ayurveda prakriti that is determined at conception and stays with you throughout your life. By knowing, learning and understanding your prakriti and dosha imbalance you will be able to maintain optimum health and wellbeing. Begin to create a balance of body, mind and consciousness through lifestyle changes, diet and food choices, use of herbs and spices as well as cultivating a positive thought process.

What’s Included

  • Body Type identification
  • Body Type imbalance identification
  • Address Health concerns
  • Personalized Diet & Lifestyle recommendations
  • Personalized Dosha Food Chart according to your needs
  • Introductory Meal Plan with Recipes

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who is affected by modern day living (poor diet, sleep, exercise patterns)
  • Is under constant stress
  • Wants to prevent the onset of illness & disease
  • Feels the body is under strain & pressure
  • Feels tired, constant fatigue
  • Emotionally feels weak or drained

How you benefit:

  • Understand the root cause of a problem
  • Learn about your body type and gain better insight into self
  • Get practical tools to implement an Ayurveda lifestyle
  • Feel rejuvenated and energized both body and mind
  • Strengthen your body’s immunity & overall health
  • Take back control of your life & health

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