Detox for Diabetes Reversal
Retreat Program


Detox for Diabetes Reversal Retreat – a Holistic Approach to Reversing Diabetes

Type II Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder affecting millions around the world today. The condition is now highly prevalent in the younger groups due to poor dietary choices of high fat, high sugar and processed foods with very little to no exercise and ever increasing stress levels!

Most people diagnosed with Diabetes today believe they have been served a death sentence and a life of continuous medications. However several researches conducted specially the Newcastle Univeristy Clinical Trial provide evidence that supports a change in lifestyle mainly dietary changes significantly reduce or eliminate the need for medications for Type 2 Diabetics.

Our Type II Diabetes detox retreat is designed to cleanse the body with highly nutritious meals, juices, soups, lots of water and gentle exercise. The intense fasting retreat program is designed for a minimum period of 5 – 7 days (can be increased depending on the need and willingness).

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    Retreat Elements

    • Complete Blood Profile, Lipid Profile, Liver and Renal Function Test
    • Daily yoga session
    • Specially designed Pranayama and Meditation classes
    • Personal and Medical Assessment

    What’s Included

    • All-inclusive accommodation
    • Fasting Diet (Smoothies, Salads and Soups)
    • Daily Yoga Sessions
    • Daily Holistic Indian Treatments
    • Daily Schedule of Natural and Ayurvedic Products, Supplements and Super foods

    Who Should Retreat

    • Should be diagnosed with diabetes not exceeding 6 years
    • Should be non-insulin dependent
    • Should not have weight loss of more than 5kg in the past 6 months

    How You benefit

    • Partial or complete reduction
      of medication
    • Relief from symptoms
      of diabetes
    • Increases Mental and Physical efficiency
    • Improved digestive functions such as absorption
      and elimination
    • Weight Loss, Fat Loss
      and Inch Loss


    • Airport Pick-Up and Delivery (charges are applicable)
    • Welcome drink
    • Welcome meal
      (breakfast/lunch or dinner depending on arrival time)
    • Breaking the fast meal

    Visa & Ticket Asistance​

    Do it YourSelf
    48 Hrs Visa Process Guide.

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