Executive De-Stress/Stress Buster Retreat Program


Executive de-stress/stress buster retreat

Life today is characterized by constant change and it is a known medical fact that these factors cause stress. It is also a well known fact that stress compounds itself, leading to ill health, weight gain, anxiety, depression and extremely low energy levels. Not only emotional and work stress but also what you eat every day matters. Habits add up and the bad ones take their toll.

So if you want a quick way to ramp up your energy, clear your mind, and lighten the toxic load on your body, trying a gentle, food-based detox can make a big difference in how you look and feel. The Executive De-Stress/Stress Buster retreat at Sanda Retreats is programmed in such a way so that when you leave you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated and ready to face the world afresh.
At Sanda Retreats we combine elements like healthy foods, relaxing yoga and meditation techniques, rejuvenating spa treatments along with elements of detoxification of body and mind.

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    Retreat Elements

    • Total Body Measurements.
    • Pulse diagnosis.
    • NLP or hypnotherapy sessions.
    • Ayurvedic diet consultation.
    • PLUS 12 weeks of regular telephone follow-ups and personal progress monitoring after the retreat.

    What’s Included

    • All Inclusive Luxury Accommodation
    • Daily Educational Talks, Presentations, Workshops and Informal Group Sessions
    • Daily Yoga and Relaxation Sessions
    • Guided Relaxation Sessions following the morning yoga

    Who Should Retreat

    • Anyone experiencing specific health issues
    • Wants to get a better understanding of life
    • Feels stressed and overworked
    • Addictions (Cigarettes, Alcohol, Gambling etc)
    • Depression and Anxiety
    • Gastric Disturbance including Bloating, Indigestion, Heartburn, Acidity

    How You benefit

    • A feeling of revitalization and complete rejuvenation
    • Increased immunity and resistance to infections and illness
    • Reduced joint aches and pains and increased mobility
    • Stability of moods and emotional balance
    • Weight Loss, Fat Loss and Inch Loss
    • Improved sleep patterns and feeling rested and refreshed
    • Better understanding about your personality from ayurvedic point of view
    • Feeling happier, Healthier and lighter(physically and mentally)


    • Airport Pick-Up and Delivery (charges are applicable)
    • Welcome drink
    • Welcome meal (breakfast/lunch or dinner depending on arrival time).
    • Packed snack for departure journey

    Visa & Ticket Asistance​

    Do it YourSelf
    48 Hrs Visa Process Guide.

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    5 Nights

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    5 Nights

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    Couple​ | USD 1,438

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    7 Nights

    Single | USD 2,409
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    14 Nights

    Single | USD 4,339
    Couple​ | USD 3,479


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