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Eat Well Program Retreat, India-Goa

With all the conflicting information out there, from fad diets endorsed by celebrities, newspaper and magazine articles alongside advertising led by food production companies – it’s no wonder we are confused as to what constitutes a well-balanced diet.

And as our lives have become faster-paced – we’ve become more focused on immediate satisfaction rather than our health. We spend less time preparing and eating fresh food and have become ever more reliant on fast convenience foods.

If you are looking to change the way you eat, unsure if the changes you are making are indeed the right ones, or looking to spice things up, this program is designed to educate & highlight the different nutritional aspects of food and how they affect your body but in a way that is simple, practical and easy to apply.

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    Retreat Elements

    • Simple, tasty, healthy meals using the right foods for you
    • Personalized consultation: discover ayurveda’s preventive & curative principles through food. Know your unique ayurveda dosha (body type) and nourish your body the right way

    What’s Included

    • All Inclusive Luxury Accommodation
    • Daily Morning & Evening Yoga followed by Guided Meditation
    • Personalized Nutritionally Balanced Ayurvedic Vegetarian Meals*
    • Ayurveda Doctors Consultation and Assessment
    • Biological Age Assessment
    • Total Body Measurements

    Who Should Retreat

    • Seeking relief form emerging health problems related to food
    • Looking for a deeper understanding into the realm of nutrition
    • Wants to adopt healthy eating practices

    How You benefit

    • Boost in metabolism & increased energy
    • Improved mood & clarity in thought
    • A healthy body & mind


    • Airport Pick-Up and Delivery (charges are applicable)
    • Welcome drink
    • Welcome meal (breakfast/lunch or dinner depending on arrival time).
    • “Breaking the fast” meal.

    Visa & Ticket Asistance​

    Do it YourSelf
    48 Hrs Visa Process Guide.

    Get the Best Flight options, with lowest fares.

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    30% Off

    5 Nights

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    5 Nights

    Single | AED 3,869
    Couple​ | AED 3,095

    7 Nights

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    7 Nights

    Single | AED 5,175
    Couple​ | AED 4,121

    10 Nights

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    10 Nights

    Single | AED 6,998
    Couple​ | AED 5,583

    14 Nights

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    14 Nights

    Single | AED 9,286
    Couple​ | AED 7,387

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