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Mindful Eating for Weight Loss

When attempting to lose weight healthily, we have to be aware not just of WHAT we are eating but HOW and WHEN. 

We have all developed eating patterns that are nothing but habits that can be easily adjusted to make a huge difference. There are small changes we can make that can have a huge impact on our digestive strength which in turn will help improve our body’s nutritional status and health. When our body is getting the nutrients it needs it will also have a positive impact on appetite, hunger and cravings. Internal stress will reduce and your body will naturally burn excess fat. 

HOW TO EAT – 10 Top Tips to eat less and feel full! 

  1. Take time over a meal – set aside time to eat your food, don’t rush it down. Digestion starts in your mind when you look at and smell your food. It switches on your digestive system and tells it to produce the enzymes to start breaking down your food. Stop what you are doing and sit properly at a table. Never eat on the run, standing up or sitting at your desk. Taking 15-30 minutes break to consciously eat will make a huge difference. 
  2. Chew your food – you must mechanically break food down and mix it with saliva to initiate the digestion of food into small enough molecules for the body to absorb. Chewing 20-30 times slows down the rate at which you eat which in turn will allow you to feel fuller earlier in the meal. Savour every bite, enjoying the flavours and textures of the food. 
  3. Use Smaller Cutlery and Plates – over the years we have become used to seeing huge portions far beyond our daily calorie needs. Using smaller plates and cutlery will help to reduce the portion size you can physically fit on the plate and eat in each mouthful. 
  4. Put your knife and fork down between bites – this naturally slows down the rate at which you eat. Allowing a pause to adequately chew the current mouthful before piling in the next. 
  5. Switch hands – if you are right-handed, put your fork or spoon in your left hand for a change. This makes hand to mouth coordination a little trickier, taking you out of auto-pilot and into mindful eating. 
  6. Stab your food – instead of scooping your food up with a fork, turn it the other way round and stab the food to pick it up. This again will lessen the amount you can fit in one go. 
  7. Don’t Multitask – never eat whilst watching TV, reading a newspaper or book, surfing the net, taking on the phone or sat at your desk. It’s impossible to chew and consciously eat whilst distracted. 
  8. Fibre First – crunch on an apple, carrot, celery sticks or other fibre rich foods like half a grapefruit, plum or pear. Studies show that the filling fibre help prevent you from over-eating your meal. The digestive enzymes in the raw fruit or vegetables also help you to get more from your meal. 
  9. Leave the left overs alone – serve your plate of food then immediately pack left-overs into containers as individual portions for the next days lunch or dinner or to be frozen for a busy day. It’s so common to mindlessly continue eating if left-overs are brought to the table or after dinner as you are clearing up. You are less likely to tuck into to something that is already set aside for another meal. 
  10. Be Prepared – a common time for snacking and over-eating is that time between work and dinner when you are tired and hungry and waiting for your meal to be ready. Have quick and easy meal ideas to hand for days you get home late or be prepared with left-overs. Make sure you have had a good-quality protein/complex carbohydrate mid-afternoon snack to prevent this blood slump and hunger pangs. 


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