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How Do I Know I Need To Detox?

there comes a time in our lives when we know, we feel, we sense something is amiss. When the time to act is here!

The human body is a complex and a brilliantly designed system that works 24×7 for 365 days of the year from the time you are born until the time we stop breathing, with no break, not even for a milli second. Humans have evolved from being a single cell organism to become a dominant species on the earth. In that process our body has become incredibly complex and is constantly evolving as it adapts to the environment. It supports a million complex processes that are keeping us alive. And an important part of this is the detoxification process that has several organs supporting it.

So, quite literally if you want to know when to detox, it is an inbuilt automated process that your body is designed to do daily. Then why are we discussing detox retreats nowadays? Why do I have to take time out to detox? The Answer: our high paced, chaotic lifestyles and the toxins we ingest through the air, water and soil is in excess. Our body’s cant cope with the exposure. The Result: a toxic build-up resulting in an imbalance in the body.

Besides external factors which may cause you wellness issues, it seems that our food, the air we breathe, the exercise we get, how much we laugh or cry, and our feelings about the family, friends, and colleagues all have a direct bearing on Your Wellness. This interaction is played out at every level of our being and affects all our Physiological, Physical and Psychological systems.

When do I decide if the time is right to go on a detox?

So, described very simply a detox retreat or program gives your body the support it needs to clear away toxins both physical and emotional. Time to process hidden wastes stored away because of an overload. You are putting your body in an environment where the body’s very own detoxification processes are stimulated and accelerated to work the toxins out of your system. A detox is essentially a kick-start to your body’s detox systems that have become sluggish due to a lack of support and being over worked

Sometimes, it is just too obvious when we realize that it’s time for us to go on a detox retreat and start over again with an open mind frame. The factors which prompts us to decide are:

  • going through a hectic work schedule and need a break from the stress
  • Eating junk for a prolonged period and it’s time to take a call from your end.
  • when you are irritated, frustrated, tired, lethargic and have brain fog
  • You feel you need to slow down and your body needs some rest from the daily internal and external factors
  • Diagnosed with some major issues and get an alarming sign that it’s time to pull up our socks.
  • Dealing with some negative experiences which you are unable to overcome, and which is hampering the immune system.
  • Trying to conceive

Listen to your body

Our body is constantly giving us little hints, telling us something isn’t right. We can often ignore these signs until our body starts screaming out loud and we’re showing the symptoms. So, if you have answered yes, to any of the questions above then you may have missed the signs already.

In our day to day lives our body is undergoing a lot of wear and tear both at the physical and emotional state due to our lifestyles, our environment and our reaction to emotional to situations, primarily stress.

And, just like a car engine which needs to be serviced and have its oils removed and changed in order to enhance its performance, our body too needs detoxification in order for it to function properly and promote general health and wellbeing.

If you haven’t had any of the very obvious signs but feel out of balance, then it is always a good thing to consider doing a detox retreat to keep the systems oiled and greased before hearing the squeaks.

Tapping into your instincts and intuitions as well as listening to your body is important in deciding on whether or not it’s the right time for you to book your detox retreat. Listen, observe and pay attention to what your body tells you and you will get an answer.

What is the right environment?

Restful: when rested the body can direct all its focus on removing toxins, healing the body and rejuvenation. In our daily lives we definitely do not rest enough, because there is always so much to do and very little time. Not realizing the impact this is having on our body’s detox processes.

Supportive: in order to detox there are several essential nutrients that play an important role in getting the waste expelled. If the food in our diet is devoid of nutrients, then we are hampering the system.

So, whenever you do plan a detox be sure to keep in mind that you need to rest and support your body with the right nutrients.

The result of a well-planned detox retreat is that most often it will leave you feeling:

  • Energetic: as toxins get expelled the cells can breathe again, come alive and function optimally giving you a surge in energy.
  • Glowing Skin: as the pores open up during the detox, toxins move out and nutrients reach the skin bringing health & nourishment into the cells.
  • Weight loss (if needed): Toxins may accumulate in the adipose tissues making weight loss difficult. As the detox draws out the wastes the body is now able to burn off the excess weight.
  • Boost in immunity: with the body’s systems being brough into balance, and the right nutrients being provided the immune system is strengthened.
  • Higher mental clarity: As the body cleanses physically, there is a shift in energy. The cells are believed to release any stored negative emotions, uplifting the energy flow in the body.
  • Heightened self-confidence: feel empowered to continue caring for your health the right way.

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